A run away monetary system controlled by elite banking families that in turn control our economy, and politicians.  These same entities that are supposed to be in control of the well being of our country's monetary system, calling for "BAIL OUTS" to hold off the collapse of our dollar!  Our country's banking system (which is controlled by the Federal Reserve), now has been ordered to choke off financial funding to our consumer driven economy!  No money for new construction, refinancing of commercial and some residence properties, lack of credit to buy cars, credit cards being taken away or interest rates being raised to loan shark status!  Because of the lack of funding to the economy, an already devastated housing and commercial market continues to free fall.  Without loans to buy property, the intrinsic value of properties continue to go down.  More and more Americans losing their jobs, homes, and wealth!


Don't forget, as much as the banking system wants to blame the consumer for these problems, it was the banking system that allowed for these problems to arise!  If the bankers were doing what they were supposed to do, instead of over lending to unqualified consumers, our banking system should have been fiscally sound!


The controlled politicians of this country continue to do as they are told and spend trillions of dollars on more bail outs.  They pass legislation daily that continues to spend more and more dollars that we don't have!  Just keep printing the dollar (Federal Reserve Note, fiat currency, watch video: Money as Debt)!  It all seems to be by design to kill our currency.  The dollar has been devalued to the point of not being the world's currency of choice (per the last G8 Summit meeting). 


The North American Treaty signed in 2005 will systematically dissolve the borders between the USA, Canada, and Mexico.  Talk of a new North American currency similar to the European Euro is also slated to come into view soon (search AMERO).  The death of our dollar may be coming sooner than Americans think!


America has been involved in wars of economy, not wars to protect our nation!  A war in Iraq that coincided with the largest profits ever made by huge oil companies.  A war in Afghanistan to take down terrorists?!  Who are the terrorists?!  Is it a coincidence that Afghanistan has the largest opium production and poppy fields in the world!  And, by the way, who funds both sides of these wars for huge profitable war machine contracts?  The same banking cartel that controls our Federal Reserve.  THAT'S WHO!  Research it and you will find this information to be true (search Bilderberg Group, Elite Blood Lines, New England Genealogical Society, Jekyll Island)!  How many wars have been fought by our brave patriotic men and women for the increased wealth and power of these elite banking families?  How long have they been in power?  Controlled news media outlets that do not report the truth about how badly our economy is doing, true unemployment rates, true inflation rates, and growing tent cities throughout our country!  Who controls our Media?


As shown prior, we the people of this great nation are being exposed to many chemicals in our food and water that are causing great failures in our health.  Our government agency (the FDA) in charge of stopping these practices has turned its back on the health and welfare of the American people!  We have become the "TAKE A PILL" society for any and every ailment.  Mind altering drugs to control our stress levels (mind control, dumbing down of a nation)!  And all the while cancers as well as a great many other ailments cannot be cured (watch this video: "A Beautiful TRUTH")!  Drug manufacturers, insurance companies, and a great many medical industries continue to make billions in profits every year!


The picture should be crystal clear at this point!  Take some time away from your TV and educate yourselves, research what you have read here!  They have not taken away our internet YET!!  Use the internet as a tool for educating yourselves, and AMERICA WAKE UP NOW!!