The State of our Nations Health

As unsettling as it is to learn about our monetary system, it is also very distressing to look into what has been going on with regards to our health.  Our country has a branch of government that is in place to ensure that our people are not eating or drinking foods/beverages that could cause us health issues.  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was put into place to ensure all Americans that our water and food supplies would be safe for our consumption.  Yet, it is compelling to find that there are very questionable acts being allowed by this branch of government that again, do not seem to be taking into account the best interest of the American people.  We strongly encourage you to research the following for yourselves.


In America, our water is being heavily fluoridated.  The public has been told that the fluoride is beneficial for the health of our teeth!  Fluoride is indeed a byproduct of the manufacturing of aluminum goods.  It in fact is not good for human consumption.  It has been tested and found to cause many health problems from cancer to Alzheimer's disease.  It destroys the enamel on your teeth and has been linked to osteoporosis.  The FDA continues to stand fast by its claims of human benefits of Fluoride. 



Many of our plastic products contain Bisphenol A (BPA).  This is a synthetic estrogen and it's not a byproduct of the manufacturing of plastics.  This chemical is being added to many plastics being manufactured in this country.  Many plastic containers (water bottles, baby bottles, etc.), plastic wraps, frozen food bags, and even the inside of canned foods are now being coated with plastics that contain BPA.  Our FDA claims that it is a preservative and that the amounts of BPA being leached into our foods should be of no concern.  Independent studies are showing that BPA is causing more cancers in women, and possibly sterilization of men and many other possible health problems. 





Aspartame is still being used in diet products even though it has been linked to cancers and other health problems. 




Silver Amalgam fillings in our teeth contain high levels of mercury.  Our FDA and the American Dental Association (ADA) contends that there is no health risk.  Studies are showing that every time we drink a warm beverage or chew even something as soft as gum, mercury is being leached into our bodies at levels many times higher than should be allowed.  Mercury is a poison that is being linked to causing auto immune diseases.




A large and well known corporation has been genetically modifying corn, soy beans, and cotton seeds for several years now.  The FDA never did proper tests on the effect of this genetic manipulation to these corn and soy food products that we consume every day.  The genes in these modified seeds have been manipulated to make the plant withstand weed killer (a similar defoliant to Agent Orange used in the Vietnam War).  Studies have been showing that these genetically modified seeds are apparently causing liver and pancreas problems.  When researching this item, look into genetically modified organisms (GMO).



With the threat of the new flu viruses being talked about and flashed across all media outlets on a daily basis, we have to ask ourselves, "What is really going on here?"  Swine flu, Avian flu, new mutated strains, pandemics?!  Flu vaccines are being rushed out to the public at a break neck pace.  No proper research or testing is being done with these vaccines.  WHY??  The pharmaceutical companies making these vaccines have been given amnesty against any lawsuits arising from vaccines that may not work or may also cause other health issues as a side effect!


These are some of the problems that research is showing that we here in America have with our food, water, and vaccines.  How could our FDA be so ineffective!  We Americans have the right to clean, drinkable water and food that does not cause us these health problems.  DO YOU NOT AGREE?  What is going on here?  Who is accountable for this?  There is a lot of finger pointing going on about this problem!  ALL WE KNOW IS THAT THIS HAS GOT TO BE STOPPED NOW!  Those who are behind this need to be brought to justice!  Monetary system control is one thing, but the health of our people being put in peril is not ever going to be an acceptable situation!