The State of The Union

AMERICA, OUR HOME!!  LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE BRAVE!!  A country governed by a unique doctrine put into place over 200 years ago by our founding fathers.  A document never before seen in any other government, and since not duplicated.

The Constitution was ahead of its time.  There were provisions within this document to help our country steer clear from potential problems that the founding fathers perceived our great nation may encounter in the future.

This document had served our great nation well, until now.  We Americans live in a nation today of perceived freedoms.  Americans go to work every day in hopes of obtaining THE AMERICAN DREAM.  Our American Dream has now turned into the GREAT AMERICAN NIGHTMARE!

My fellow Americans, our country is broken!  Broken to its core!  We Americans are in need of a true education and awakening to what has been happening in front of our very eyes.  We can no longer turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to our plight!  Gone are the days of standing aside in hopes of somebody else picking up the reins to guide our great nation!  It is time for all of us Americans to help restore our nation back to the great status that America deserves!

Our political system is in shambles.  This is no longer a government for the people by the people.  We have a two party system that although may present different political ideologies, they work hand in hand to pass legislation that is not in the best interests of we the people.  It is time for a true GRASSROOTS movement to finally form a new party that can put forth true American civil servants and not the status quo professional politician!  Politicians that promise the American people the world and after election into office deliver nothing!  Our politicians are controlled, bought and paid for!  Legalized bribery of our politicians in the form of lobbyist controlled by big corporate and banking interest!  America ceased to be for the people nearly 100 years ago.  On that day, our beloved country was taken away from us!

In December 1913, just before the holiday break, the Federal Reserve Act was passed in Congress (with just enough votes).  This act gave control of our country's monetary system to a centralized bank.  Our very currency was hijacked from us by this banking cartel.  The Federal Income Tax laws were also passed at the same time.  The American citizen had now become these bankers' slaves.  Someone had to pay the interest on the money that America would be "borrowing" from the Federal Reserve!  It was explained to the American people that this centralized banking system would prevent future monetary problems, no more risk in banking.  Yet, here we are nearly 100 years, several wars, and a Great Depression later.  What do we Americans face, a banking crisis that threatens not only our country but our entire world economy!  A crisis that could reach devastating proportions, throwing our America and its people into a deep depression and poverty never before seen!

We as a nation do not have the authority to audit the Federal Reserve!  The Federal Reserve has no transparency, and does not have to answer to the very government that put it into power.  I ask you, my fellow Americans, does this make any sense to you?  Our great country is being governed by a bunch of ELITE BANKERS.  When an entity controls a nation's money, does that entity now also control that very nation's economy?  Is it a great leap of faith to take when we tell you then, that these same ELITIST control our political system!

By design, our great nation is slowly being dismantled.  The passage of GATT and NAFTA nearly 30 years ago, ushered the beginning of the demise of this country's middle class.  Globalization of our economy has further weakened our country with huge trade deficits.  Our national debt is now 20 trillion dollars and growing.  It has surpassed our country's Gross Domestic Product.  The Greenbacks we use today are Federal Reserve notes that are backed up by nothing, no gold standard.  NOTHING!  FIAT CURRENCY! THIS IS CALLED FRACTIONAL BANKING; A LEGALIZED PONZI SCHEME! How long before we experience runaway inflation due to the greatly weakened status of our dollar?  We can go on and on, is the picture starting to become clear?  Our great nation and its people are in serious peril!

Please do your own research, you will find that what you have been told here are FACTS!

A nations monetary system should NEVER be given away to be controlled by an outside entity!

Read our constitution, and you will see that our country is not being governed as it was meant to be!

Remember, it is not unpatriotic to question your government, especially for the greater good of your nation and the future of our nation's children!